Pokemon #818 Gigantamax Redesign – Inteleon

Sobble Line

I realized I’ve been doing Pokemon Redesigns wrong the whole time. I’m starting over from the begining. 

Pokemon Redesign #816-817-818 – Sobble, Drizzile, Inteleon


Hi everyone!

Since the genius Tumblr move of trowing itself trough a cliff in dec 2018, lots of accounts got censored, deleted, or forgotten. This post is for everyone out there, new or veteran, in the Monster Hunter community. Please reblog or share your info so we can see new accounts or the ones that survived. MH artists are more than welcome.


And remember to stay safe and wash your hands!

I’m still around– like a well-aged Zamite I’m just getting stronger and fatter with time. 


Pokemon #815 Gigantamax Redesign – Cinderace

Scorbunny Line

Pokemon Redesign #813-814-815 – Scorbunny, Raboot, Cinderace

Pokemon #812 Gigantamax Redesign – Rillaboom

Grookey Line

Pokemon Redesign #810-811-812 – Grookey, Thwackey, Rillaboom

Pokemon #479 Variant Redesign – Rotomi & Galarian Variants

*Rotom Orb is a stand-in for Rotom Phone and Rotom Steed is a stand-in for Rotom Bike*