using the petting function as was intended

using the petting function as was intended



How’s pallet town gonna look so PRETTY AND GOOD!! they can’t keep getting away with this!



anyone else playing god by being best friends with both pikachu and eevee

Daily Postponed


Due to technical difficulties I have to move my Hiraeth daily over to tomorrow– no daily today. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Pokemon Redesign is being shoved over a day. Sorry sorry sorry. 

you can pissoff Eevee in this game and its ado…

you can pissoff Eevee in this game and its adorable



I’m sick so I have no control over what I draw anymore.

Pokemon Redesign #692-693 – Clauncher, Clawitz…

Pokemon Redesign #692-693 – Clauncher, Clawitzer





Excuse me?

pika pika, shitlips

berserkfamilyzine: berserkfamilyzine: Preord…



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Honestly love how much thought was put into ea…

Honestly love how much thought was put into each and every pokemons walking animation

From slower pokemon like Slowpoke getting left behind to Porygon glitching out as it hovers along they all look exactly how I imagined them as a kid.

Say what you want about the game as a whole but I think we can all agree that following pokemon is great and deserves to be in every game