the pokemon anime really censored the little h…

the pokemon anime really censored the little hole in hau’s shirt

jrchair98: ゼニガメ ● #0007 [01. 11 frames] – [b…



[01. 11 frames] – [based on gif from Pokemon official tumblr]

jrchair98: ゼニガメ ● #0007 [03 / 8 frames / 64x…



[03 / 8 frames / 64×48 px] (based on this gif by @neogohann)






What inspired you to make Necrozma's base…

What inspired you to make Necrozma's base form more humanoid? I love the smooth look to them

Their design always kind of reminded me of armour so I made them like a weird space husk knight. c:

looks like the art of your cute Ogopogo creatu…

looks like the art of your cute Ogopogo creature isn't in your DA gallery yet, i hope it gets uploaded. by the way have you heard of the cutting of the National Dex?, what do you think about that?, Game Freak is doing the wrong thing by not allowing every single Pokemon that is not on the Galar Dex, this means that it's the end of Mega Evolutions and possibly Ultra Beasts, even we might not get Galarian variants of old Pokemon.

Oh boy this is a thing. Get ready for my shitty opinions. 

So basically I see it as universally a bad thing. This decision was 100% corporate and not an artistic statement or anything like that at all. I don’t really buy any of the reasons we’ve been given as to why its like this– first of all it being too expensive seems absurd for one of the most successful media franchises ever. If it’s because the company is too small, they should hire more people, and if it’s balancing reasons for the meta I don’t feel like they’ve ever cared before and I don’t think filthy casuals like myself and babbies will care about competitive balancing, and it makes you wonder what kind of Pokemon they’re adding that will suddenly upset the entire balance of the game. 

I feel like Nintendo and their affiliates don’t really take in feedback (outside of Smash since I think Sakurai is trying his best to not just turn into dust) and I feel like that’s a double edged sword. On one hand, their games are really unique, they don’t cave to industry trends and they do what they want– but also that means they don’t really listen to complaints from outside their company. This can be good thing because some people are entitled and want ridiculous things but to me this is more of a technical issue and it doesn’t feel right to me.

I’m also not a fan of these new mechanics coming in and out like Mega Evolutions, Z-Moves, and Regional Variants. In all fairness we really don’t know if there will be Regional Variants but also I do feel like they would have said something by now if there was anything noteworthy about them, but who knows. I feel like Mega Evolutions are kind of a “win button” outside of competitive play and I really like Z-Moves because I felt like they had an element of strategy to them– like a Z-Move could turn the battle in your favour but it wouldn’t just win the fight for you afterwards. I really don’t like these things leaving  because it makes them feel gimmicky. It’s the same thing that really turned me off of World of Warcraft: they never build on the game in the next iteration (expansions in WoW’s case), they just try throwing stuff at the wall and then they just scrap it for new things. I feel like Pokemon has been doing that since X & Y and I wish they would just try to make these things work rather than toss them aside as single game flare. It doesn’t inspire confidence and I feel like in 10 years when we get to Pokemon Blue Grass and Pokemon Rock n’Roll, Dynamaxing probably won’t be a thing. At the same time I feel like you could argue it makes each game feel unique but overall I think these are mechanics people have enjoyed and people are mad when they hear they’re being taken out. I don’t really see them bringing back Ultra Beasts because I feel like the plot would need to be about them for it to make sense why there would be more, since Ultra Space was a key point in Sun and Moon, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for some new kind of weird Pokemon to show up in a similar vein. Like if the plot was about something else and then suddenly aliens show up that would be kinda weird.   

On the other hand though, I am still excited for the game. I feel like all we’ve really seen is 2 trailers and a trailer breakdown. We’ve seen a small fraction of the game and every game the Pokemon count goes up so there’s still a chance a decent amount of them will show up. I think regardless the game has the potential to be really fun, I really love all the new designs we’ve seen so far, the environments look really nice, and I don’t hate the idea of Dynamaxing– its kinda like every Pokemon gets to Mega Evolve temporarily so maybe its their solution to Mega Evolution? I dunno really but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited and I thought the game still looked good so far. I’ve seen a lot of people compare Game Freak to EA games which is hyperbolic as fuck. If they do some shady shit I’ll keep an ear out for it but I’m doubtful. I know Japanese game companies aren’t immune to terrible practices but I think Nintendo and their affiliates would try to keep out any bad karma on an EA level.

I’d like to chalk the decisions they’re making an awkward first step onto new hardware but I can’t say for sure. What I think they should do is embrace new technology and patch the game after it’s out like Pokemon Go does. Pokemon Go has been slowly updating over the years to get all the Pokemon in the game and there’s absolutely no reason that Sword and Shield can’t do that unless the game is like 1 terabyte in size which I doubt. I dunno if they will, but they should and if they do they should let people know ASAP so the fan base will stop lighting itself on fire. 

TL;DR – Not having the entire Pokedex is ass, but I’m still looking forward to seeing more of the game. I hope they change their decision and update the game after it’s out to include more Pokemon. Taking out old mechanics makes the games feel gimmicky but whatever I guess. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Realized that I somehow missed seeing the Klef…

Realized that I somehow missed seeing the Klefki redesign and going to it, i almost audibly squeed at how adorable the little jingly pokemon was ^_^

Hehe, thank you, glad you like’ em! n_n

Omg i love your redesigns so much!! I want to …

Omg i love your redesigns so much!! I want to play a game with them lmao. I especially love just how legendary you can make the legendaries look!!

Thank you so much! I think I’ve been spending more time then I should on legendaries but I do want to get that feeling across that you’ve stumbled upon something mythical. Not sure if I always get that but I try my best! Thank you for the kind words! n__n

AHHHH I LOVE ALL YOUR ART!!! sorry for the cap…

AHHHH I LOVE ALL YOUR ART!!! sorry for the caps i just got on tumblr and saw your dawn and dusk necrozma forms!!! i can't belive i've been following you since… oh at least salamence, because i remember waiting for that to get released… I cannot wait for the new gen to get released and to see your Yamper redesign!!! keep up making beautiful things!!

Aw thank you so much! I’m really glad you’ve stuck around for so long, that really has been awhile now. It feels really weird to be this far honestly.

 I appreciate the long time support and thank you for the kind words! UvU