different anon but. bloodborne!! what’s your hunter like?

I got 2 that I’m really keen on.

I got Quincey who’s been through the hunt too many god damn times and is just generally buff in all regards. She’s rocks a Stake Driver and the Rifle-Spear, and her gun is Evelyn.

She’s super edgy but I think it’s rad. Bone Ash + Crowfeather for maximum spooks.

I also have Algernon who is my arcane build hunter. He wields the Holy Moonlight Sword and Ludwig’s Holy Blade pumped up with fire, also using Ludwig’s Rifle (he’s a big fan).

He’s kind of a mess with Harrowed and Old Hunters gear, but he cleans up okay.

A real choir boy that one. Kos Parasite for when I’m feeling extra pious.