Hey I just wanted to know why Palkia and Dialg…

Hey I just wanted to know why Palkia and Dialga don't really look the same, Dialga looking deer like and Palkia looking dino like, I love both of the designs I'm just curious, keep up on the wonderful work!!

Thank you so much! Glad you like them both! I’m not entirely sure what you mean (wording things through the internet can make them somewhat unclear) so I’ll try to answer to the best of my ability. 

If you mean why they don’t look the same as their canon designs it’s because I’m doing a big Pokemon Redesign project so everyone looks different! I started in national dex order so I have a whole bunch of them that look different. c:

If you mean why they don’t look different to one another as opposed to the normal ones that share some design elements, it’s just that I had a bunch of ideas of where to take the designs so I just went with what I felt looked best. I originally had in mind that Palkia would have a closer face design to Dialga but I decided against it in favour of trying to make Palkia look closer to a water type. c:

Hopefully there’s answer in there ahehe XD