I absolutely love your Hiraeth stuff! Have you…

I absolutely love your Hiraeth stuff! Have you made any recent posts to kind of summarize parts of the world? The way you make so many unique creatures is amazing but it might be a tad daunting for folks first getting into the world you've built.

Thank you, I’m flattered! I definetly understand what you mean– the way Hiraeth’s story is told is somewhat obtuse. I try to write each entry vague enough so that specifics don’t matter unless I explicitly start going into them.

I think the best way to try and get into Hiraeth is to scroll through and just pick whichever creatures look interesting. Environment drawings usually have more in-depth info. 

After that, read #700 – Vouna, and I think that helps paint a better picture. Also every creature at a hundred-marker (100, 200, etc.) has a lot more lore then most other creatures.

That would be my unofficial advice. I think when I have some free time, I’ll try to sort out the pages better so that it can be easier to find specific pictures and info. I’ll probably do a big reorganization update someday. Really glad you enjoy my work and thank you for bringing this to my attention. ; u ;