Why do you hate on the Pokemon manga? This isn…

Why do you hate on the Pokemon manga? This isn't hate btw, just curios

i only really dislike the bw2 arc.  i was super hyped for the bw2 arc since i love gen5 and the bw arc is my favorite but it ended up being a trainwreck.

Worst part is the arc still isn’t finished when the bw2 games came out 6 years ago but no one can stop reading the garbage because they’re holding us hostage with some crazy plot point from the bw arc that still hasn’t been finished (if you read pokespe you know what im talking about)

the main appeal of the manga used to be “well it’s better than the anime at least” but the anime is actually great this season so it’s like eh….honestly i’d still recommend reading it or at least reading the arc for your favorite games.  most of them are really good