OK first, (for no obvious reason or anything),…

OK first, (for no obvious reason or anything), I love love love your scolipede line!!! They look incredible!! Especially galaxy megapede omg it's perfect. Second, I would love to know if anything in particular inspired your whirlipede? It's the shape that has me curious; it's the most different from the original designs of the three and I was wondering what shaped it? Thanks again for doing an awesome job!!

Oh my gosh I’m shocked as well! XD I’m happy mine could stack up, really glad you like’ em! I totally understand why Scolipede gets the love that it does, they’re really really cool and incredibly creative. They’re the best possible thing that could of come out of centipedes existing (no offence to any centipedes reading this but please stop coming into my house you have too many legs it’s weird).

Anyway, I understand my Whirlipede is very different– I felt kinda bad changing it because the original has a really nice silhouette, they’re a very cool shape. When I was making mine I wanted emphasis the concept of a insect trying to pose as something mammalian so I wanted to keep that intact for each stage. I kinda see my Whirlipede as the Venipede bulking up and kind of entering a zen mode before it completely unfurls into the final, more complete stage. I still imagine it spins around but they’re slightly less cool-looking while they do it. 

Thank you so much again, very glad you like my weird take on them. C: