Daamn yamask and cofagrigus looks amazing! And…

Daamn yamask and cofagrigus looks amazing! And so different from the originals! That's so cool. What made you design them like that? Like what inspires you to make them look so different? I simply love it

Thank you so much! I was mainly just going off ideas I had from Egyptian mythology/iconography. I was actually originally gonna go for owls wearing the masks but I thought the Ibis had a stronger silhouette. Yamask’s original design kind of reminded me a bird so that’s why I was kind of fixated on birds to begin with.

For Cofagrigus I wanted it to feel like a creature was attached to a sarcophagus or that it was leaking out– it ended up looking more solid but I still like it, it kind of became a gryphon-creature. It’s kind of like, bound together with the ghosty bits bulging out. c: