just followed cause i saw your Pokemon redesig…

just followed cause i saw your Pokemon redesigns and love them even tho I've only seen maybe 30 so far but I'm wondering what inspires these redesigns/how you are able to basically start from scratch?

Thank you so much, I’m happy you like’ em! Hopefully between when this was asked and when I’m answering you didn’t see a bunch that were garbage or something XD

I was inspired to start doing the redesign because I’ve loved the series for a long time. I feel like Pokemon are really well-thought designs that have a lot of meaning behind them while also being ingeniously simple– so I felt like they can sort of be malleable and translated into something new. 

I do draw them from scratch but I actually have ideas for them way in advance. Before I start a new generation I set up a list with every Pokemon in the next generation on it, and I basically just write all the ideas I have for them– be it like, animals, objects, myths, feelings, shapes– just everything that feels applicable. So I vent out my general ideas and then when there day comes I just draw’ em with everything I’ve written in mind. On my side blog where I draw original creature stuff I really just go by the seat of my pants. XD