I see that the Mystery Boyfriend/Future Son ar…

I see that the Mystery Boyfriend/Future Son arc is still in full force. I hope we get the answer one day– there’s way too much filler between chapters. That being said, yes, they are Totoro-inspired. In fact I have already done a few low-key Totoros before this, and even another Ghibli Reference before them (yes I am a hack), but this one is the most obvious one. 

My initial idea was literal dust bunnies, but my sister thought of the idea of making them more like Totoro, the idea of them having a raggedy old umbrella being too adorable for me to ignore. I’d say Trubbish is more along the lines of just being a dust bunny, but Garbador is supposed to be a Totoro reference, yes. I thought a banana peel on the head instead of a leaf may be a bit too obvious so I decided for a pumpkin because I thought it would make for a cute hat. 

So, in short, my versions are less trash piles and more like big dust bunnies with stale food stuck in them– still gross but not as slimy. c: