You’re Pokémon redesign are amazi…

You’re Pokémon redesign are amazing I would love to know what made you start doing it?

Thank you so much! A couple years ago I planned to dedicate some time each day to doing a picture to keep myself practicing. I used my schedule to designing creatures for my original project, Hiraeth,

After a few years I wanted to change things up to avoid getting burnt out and I decided to try my hand at Pokemon redesigns– it felt like a good fit since I was already drawing a bunch of creatures and also I was inspired by a few of my favourite artists online who were doing really cool and really inventive work using Pokemon. I also looked at a lot of similar projects and I felt like there was room for me to express myself differently. It was something I put a lot of thought into before going into and so far I’ve been pretty happy with the results and the fact other people have been enjoying the ride is incredibly humbling and flattering! UvU