Hello all of my friends I have gotten to know, and those I want to meet! I have an announcement to make. Before I do that I wanted to say that managing this community has been such a rewarding and enjoyable experience. I have yet to meet anyone who has followed this page who I didn’t absolutely love talking to. Thank you so much for making ThePokemonGoLife such a great endeavor.

With that said I am announcing, I will be changing the name of this tumblr to something else more personal in one week. I haven’t played Pokemon GO for a while and the created content for the game has turned to a trickle.

I understand if you want to unfollow this tumblr. Just know it will never turn into a blog where you’re solicited to buy anything or join websites for my profit. I’ve been very keen on turning down a bunch of offers to turn a profit on this blog during the height of Pokemon GO and I won’t be doing that now.

What I will be doing is posting things to make people feel good, life-affirming pictures, memes and articles, and also ways for you to get involved in helping non-profits and fundraisers. I may also promote some of the things I have going on, like the science fiction novel series I’ve written, but that will be far and few between.

I hope we can all stay together. As I transition this tumblr into something new and exciting I hope you will enjoy it.

Will all the love and thanks,

– T(aylor)