have you heard of the Doctor Who series?, it&#…

have you heard of the Doctor Who series?, it's a sci-fi about an alien time traveler in his TARDIS having adventures to save the Universe from dangerous threats, the website Twitch is already doing a marathon of the classic (not the new) Doctor Who tv series, i have to ask… some of the eldritch aliens in the series like the Animus, Great Intelligence, Nestenes, Weeping Angels would look very surreal in your artstyle, maybe including the Time Lords.

Yeppers, I know about the Doctor Who. I’m late but I appreciate the recommendation all the same. c:

I’m unfortunately not so into Doctor Who as I once was. I was really into the new series and it was nice having a sci-fi show that was really imaginative and creative that actually had cool aliens and settings but it lost me hardcore at some point. I enjoyed a lot of the 9th and 10th Doctor and the first season with 11 was alright but I got really disenchanted with everything after the Pandorica. Nothing against Matt Smith at all but the writing got iffy.

I haven’t seen much of the old stuff at all and while I’m sure there’s a lot of greatness to be found, it would take a lot of effort for me to get invested in it again as a series. Like, I don’t draw fan art for some of my favourite things so things I’m lukewarm about aren’t super likely outside of commissions. XD