Hey um… out of sheer curiosity, are you gonn…

Hey um… out of sheer curiosity, are you gonna go around and do the Original Dragon (Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem) at some point? I love love love your art and your designs are such an inspiration!!

Thank you! This is mentioned to me a lot on Deviantart. I used to be against it because I didn’t want to go into speculative Pokemon, but I feel like I’ve been getting more freedom as we’ve gone along, and since a few more people have wondered about it, I can see it is something that people might actually want.

I might do it as a bonus down the line. I could fit it in at the end of this generation, but only if people really want it since it’d be a bit more time consuming than usual and it would delay the next gen. with an extra Pokemon.