Hard stuff

This is a direct response to @fr0akie about the legality of copyrighted material

(While you read the folliwing lines have in mind that I’m not angry or anything, fr0akie asked a very important question and I wanted to give the most complete answer I can)

Basically, yes, it’s illegal to profit of copyrighted material, but there are some… Legal exceptions (?) and stuff to have in mind

In the very first pages of the book you can read this:

(I’m not sure if this actually affects in any way, but here it is… anyways)

This means that I’m not Pokemon direct competition, this is just a parody and, depending on the country, parodies are execptions to that copyrighted material

There are lots and lots of pages that sell Pokemon TShirts and stuff using not only, let’s say, copyrighted design, but the copyrighted artwork too and they are making sooooo much more profit than me and those really are a direct competition for Pokemon Company merchandise. At the end I’m only trying to sell my drawings and arround half of the money goes to pay the printing

(I’m trying to be completely transparent with all of you reading this)

Nintendo and the Pokemon Company have a large history of “asking people to please stop messing arround with my copyright” and when that day comes I’ll stop (and probably I’ll use that same contact to give them my resume) 

With this in mind, now it’s your turn to decide if you want to buy, not only my book, every other material without checking out if they have the copyright or not… God, this is like being vegan and have to check out if everything you buy is cruelty free… And if you ask me, you should check all that and decide not to buy (I’m really bad at selling myself)

Other day we can talk about the frustration of making your own characters vs fan arts and why most people end up like me, trying to sell pokemon stuff ^^

Again, I’m not mad about the question and I tried to talk about this from my point of view and share with you the dark side (?) of all of this 🙂