joe-sparrow: Several months too late, here’s …


Several months too late, here’s my gymsona

It doesn’t really have a theme, which is a bit of a shame – these are just some of my favourite pokemon & together form a sort-of-competitive team that I planned a few years ago (around the Black/White games). They’re all sort of… bluish purple? Is that a theme?

I only got around to breeding a Mawile with perfect IVs because Mawile is basically my actual favourite pokemon, but the process was such a slog that I sort of gave up after that.

I guess (without seeming too self-aggrandising) this is more of a championsona than a gymsona? Since each game’s champion’s team always feels like just a smattering of personal favourites rather than a coherent themed team. I don’t know. Hope y’dig! Definitely check out the full-size version.