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Hiraeth Update!

There’s new options for those browsing through my Hiraeth blog! 

Every creature now has a tag that will take you to creatures and landscapes that are part of the same biome category. 

Each creature has always had the same 5 generic tags to help new people searching through tumblr but now there’s a 6th tag that links them back to their category. 

For people viewing the main blog on a computer there’s also new header options, the most important one being the index! Also reachable through https://hiraeth-wayfarer.tumblr.com/index


The index has all the unique tags and clicking on them will take you to that specific category.


There is also the Codex option that will take you to landscapes, races, milestone posts, creatures with big lore-dumps, and interesting asks! If anyone has suggestions for creatures that should be included into the codex, I’ll take it into consideration. Codex is tag so hopefully it can also be reached through dashboard viewing and mobile as well. 

The other new option is Origins, which will sort the entire blog chronologically if you want to see how the blog started and the very early creatures. There’s no sequential plot so there isn’t really an advantage to reading it chronologically but it’s there for those who are curious!

Thank you all for your support and patience! I know Hiraeth is a sort of obtuse project (somewhat intentionally) but I very much appreciate anyone who takes the time to look at my weird drawings or read my weird writings. It means the world to me and I hope these changes make it a little bit more accessible. 

Update for my worldbuilding blog! n_n