Have you ever done a recording or speed video …

Have you ever done a recording or speed video of your art process? Your art is so aesthetically pleasing and clean, I'm always curious haha <3

I haven’t mainly because I’m an awkward bum and also I dunno if I really have the means to record it well– not to mention I usually end up searching for a bunch of research pictures as I work or getting distracted. I mean– if I was recording it for real I would probably avoid doing that or I’d cut it out or something. 

If I can think of something to work on that I wouldn’t mind being recorded I might consider it but I’m afraid like, it’ll look weird or you’ll all judge me or something haha– I dunno really how to put it. I definetly like interacting with peeps here on tumblr so I don’t mind talking about my work but I do stuff in a really strange half-self taught way. I’m flattered though and its good to know people are interested. c: