going off what the other ask said about super …

going off what the other ask said about super paper mario (and as a big fan of the game myself!) the gameplay style IS quite different but honestly? its the only thing that is, it still feels like a paper mario game y'know? its got chapters, an incredible story, unique characters, a fun hub world, even a levelling system+battle items! it rly is just the battle style thats different ūüėÄ if the battle format/style is what made the games for you, then i would be wary, but the story is breathtaking!

Mhm, I totally get what you mean. The first 2 games combat wise is a solid JRPG and a big part of the appeal was all the unique characters you could get as party members and it really brought a new light on things you normally kinda take for granted in a Mario game– things like Goombas and Koopas and such.

But it is true that a lot of the things like aesthetic, and how unique and whacky everything is kind of makes Paper Mario what it is. If I ever manage to get my hands on it I definetly wanna dust off my Wii and give it a proper sit down. c: