Hey man honestly I don’t blame you for n…

Hey man honestly I don’t blame you for not uploading sketches and stuff. While it would be cool to see your process, you’re also finishing and uploading pieces daily. I tried to do that with Inktober on top of classes and it about killed me! So don’t even worry about it dude you’re killing it now as is ^_^

Ah thank you so much! I’m flattered and it’s reassuring to hear that from someone else who has tried something similar! I always want to have more content but it is true it can be hectic sometimes with dailies and other work at the same time. 

I really like the sound of some of those monthly drawing events that have been shared around but also I’m happy with my own rules and schedule and I think enough people are invested in my Pokemon redesigns I’m sure they’d rather see me working on that then suddenly changing projects which I totally get. 

Thank you so much for understanding and for the kind words! UvU