I don't care that much for streams, perso…

I don't care that much for streams, personally. Instead, I really like seeing the various sketches and stages of a piece, which is also way easier to save and present.

I get why people really get into the live event of a stream and people really like the interaction aspect of it but yeah I think I’m pretty far away from drawing in front of an audience in that kind of way. XD

I really love when artists I like sell sketch books online or just post’ em whenever but that’s unfortunately not something I have a whole lot of either– usually I just draw and finish from what I got. Its kind of a bad habit and I definetly need to sketch more often then I do. 

I could always post some old stuff I never bothered too or I could try to assemble some of my more half-baked ideas from my memory, but that may seem too artificial. An idea I’ve kinda played with is alternative Pokemon Redesigns, because a few of them have turned out waaay different then I originally imagined or I had multiple ideas where to take the design and I ended up opting over one route over another. I wouldn’t make a daily thing out of it but it could be a super side thing if have enough energy to follow through with it/if people are interested. XD