What are your thoughts on megas (and z-moves]?…

What are your thoughts on megas (and z-moves]? Any theories?

At first I thought Mega’s were pretty cool but mechanically I kinda see the flaw with them. They feel a bit too much like Win buttons since a lot of them shoot up to OP status. Also it kinda felt like they kinda just picked whoever was popular or whoever they felt like to get them. I remember reading that Flygon was supposed to have one but apparently Ken Sugimori couldn’t think of a design so they just said eeeeeeh whatever. XD

I think Z-moves are a lot better because then any Pokemon you want can be special and also since they’re still somewhat stat based and one-time use rather then a whole battle-lasting effect its not always a guaranteed to settle a match– also the side affects with non-attack moves are cool.

As to actual theories I don’t have a whole lot that I can think of. I know on Deviantart someone told me Mega crystals came from space and also I think some people think Z-crystals are tied to the Ultra Dimension some how. A lot of stuff from Pokemon comes from space apparently. I preferred it when you were told that Mega evolution worked because your bond with your Pokemon is super strong rather then it being you’re forcing them into excruciating pain. Pokemon Sun and Moon has a really dark Pokedex for some reason that I find slightly off putting– like I know some Pokedex entries have always been a kinda dark but jeez. XD