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Favorite character(s): Guts

I’m an emerging artist with a love for whimsy and fantasy. I love myths, fairytales, and folklore from around the world and how they showcase stories of hope, horror, and imagination. This is something I also see in Berserk, which is probably my favourite work of fiction and I think has risen as a contemporary Odyssey at this point. Berserk inspired me to take art seriously in high school and even though my subject matter has changed dramatically to more colourful and soft, I feel like my conceptual mind was helped and moulded by Berserk. I hope I can continue creating as a full-time career and hopefully find the time to get all the junk out of my head. Currently my 2 big projects are Hiraeth, a world building project where I art-vent and practice writing, and a Pokemon Redesign project, where I’m redrawing literally every single Pokemon ever while practicing character design. You can catch me on Tumblr or Deviantart under the username Cosmopoliturtle.

Cosmopoliturtle joins us as one of our many very spectacular artists! Their work has an obvious air of whimsy and playfulness about it, which we thought was super fitting for a happy, friendship-focused zine. As they point out themselves in their bio, their work makes you think of fairytales and adventures. Their skills in creature design are particularly apparent if you check out their social media! In addition, they have great command over color and make excellent use of shapes and patterns in their work. We could look at it for hours; there’s so much care put into each piece of art that really shines through! Their illustration is gorgeous, and we look forward to including it!

Check out their artwork here:
Tumblr: @cosmopoliturtle
DeviantArt: cosmopoliturtle

Hey its me! I’m gonna be part of this really cool and unique zine featuring probably my most favourite piece of fiction ever, I’m pretty sure. Berserk is great. The theme of the zine is found family!

You should follow this zine because it’s gonna have a lot of really great work put into it as well as a piece I made that I’m excited to show you. Berserk means a lot to me and I’m glad to finally have an opportunity to show my love in such a meaningful project. n__n