Hi! Have you ever played FFX? The aeons would …

Hi! Have you ever played FFX? The aeons would look so cool in your style, especially Valefor! Also, I really appreciate the feel of your pokemon art. It's such a unique experience. I'm rather fond of your Reshiram interpretation! Thank you for sharing your talent! n.n

Heya! Thank you so much for the kind words, I really appreciate the support! UvU

Oh gosh, I haven’t personally but I have seen the whole game. I love the Aeons from Final Fantasy– I really enjoy how each game has their own takes on them and all of them are so creative. I haven’t played too many Final Fantasy games but I’ve seen most of them and the art direction is always undeniable lavish and creative. The creature design is top tier in like, all of them. I wouldn’t mind taking a shot at making my own Aeon designs at some point when I have more free time. Thanks for the suggestion! C: