What IS Beserk?

What IS Beserk?

Not sure if this is like, a legit question or a philosophical one but I’m gonna answer it legit I suppose. XD

If you haven’t googled it yet, Berserk is a grimdark fantasy manga series made by Kentaro Miura which started in 1989. Without giving any spoilers, it’s about a mysterious swordsman named Guts who searches the countryside for monsters to slay in hopes of fulfilling his need for revenge.

It covers the themes of fate, purpose, and morality. It’s incredibly violent and graphic and goes into incredibly vulnerable and dark subject matter that not everybody can handle. The story plays out poetically and the art is absolutely beautiful so every awe-inspiring, disturbing, and haunting moment really sticks with you.

If you’re not sure you want to devote the time to read an on-going series that’s been going for 28 years, I would recommend checking out the 1997 anime– it only covers 1 arc and it will leave you more questions than answers, but it plays out that 1 arc incredibly well with really nice art and atmosphere.

DO NOT check out the movie trilogy or the new anime– the movies vary in quality too much and it abridged too many important moments and even characters. The new anime has no sense of style, atmosphere, and is done with jarringly stiff 3D animation done with off-putting colours and barely any lighting which portrays the masterpiece of the manga as a dumpster fire.

Sorry for keeping it vague but like I said, don’t wanna spoil anything. Check it if you wanna, it’s great! C: