You’ve probably answered this hundreds o…

You’ve probably answered this hundreds of times but what do you think has influenced your art style the most over time? Are there any artists, art movements or even cartoons/comics/animes that particularly influenced you? Sorry if you’ve had this question a lot

I have answered this question before but I don’t mind at all! I feel like every time I answer it, I answer slightly differently so longtime followers will probably think I’m really wishy washy XD

A really big thing for me starting from when I was really young were mythology and folklore stories. They really resonated with me and that sort fantastical feel is why I really enjoy things like Shadow of the Colossus (my favourite game) and the Souls series (Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne). I feel like all of those have influenced me pretty hard in terms of art and also how I like to tell stories.

Another huge formative thing for me was Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (my other favourite game) which probably influenced me the most in terms of style. I think other artists who inspired me greatly were Norihiro Yagi– Claymore in particular (tied with Berserk for favourite manga series) and Mamoru Hosoda (one of my favourite directors) who did a lot of the early Digimon movies, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Summer Wars, and a bunch more amazing movies. 

So I feel like what I like is always evolving as I take in new media and many different art styles from around the world have inspired me but a lot of my direct inspiration comes from Japan– probably because as a kid I gravitated towards more cute things like Pokemon and Kirby, Nintendo games in general, and also some of my first favourite movies were My Neighbour Totoro (Ghibli movies are also a pretty big inspiration for me still) and The Last Unicorn. My parents knew I really liked that kind of stuff so when I was really young, often my mom would rent me anime movies based on appearance that were probably for a more mature age group but she didn’t know and I still enjoyed them XD

Sorry for the long ramble answer. ; u ;