firefightdex: Surprise! It’s been a while!!! ^…


Surprise! It’s been a while!!! ^^u

I’m still working on some things I have to finish, but I’m joining to this day of joy and consumerism (thanks, google translator)

So, for those of you having doubts about adquiring or not the Artbooks, I have this special offer for you!

The pack with the two hundred and fifty one pokemon for just 15€!!!
That’s a 25% discount!

And not only that, I’ve been doing some Sleeping Pokemon drawins that are coming in badge form! But only as a gift for this pack! There are 15 different! (Maybe more by the end of the weekend)

So, are you interested in this amazing offer? Follow this link:

You have untill the end of the Cyber Monday to make up your mind!!!

Just finished the Rockruff!!! 😀