Tumblrs and Twitters

So I’ve seen all the hubbub– I’m gonna keep posting to Tumblr just as usual– I like posting here and I like the small community we have, but also in a completely paranoid professional move I’m also going to be also starting a Twitter soon!

I’ve wanted to make one for a long time but one of my biggest hurdles is what to do with my Pokemon Redesigns since there are so many. Posting them all at once in a big flow I think would be a big waste of time and also just be annoying. 

I’m considering on whatever arbitrary date to start posting them in batches of 3 either every day or every other day (maybe to ease new people into the schedule) until I’ve caught up with myself, as well as uploaded art from this year/old art I still like (gotta make a foundation outta something right?). I’m thinking about starting at the beginning of the new year but I dunno if that even matters. 

I’m kinda nervous about the whole thing, I’ve always seen twitter as kind of intimidating so if anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them! 

My twitter is empty right now but it’s just at Cosmopoliturtle. I have a profile set up and at some point I’m probably just gonna start hyucking out art that you’ve already seen. I also have a DA and a Facebook for anyone who is interested and wants to jump ship ASAP. XD