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Pokemon Redesign #134/725 – Litporeon

@cosmopoliturtle I hope you don’t mind but I did my sona in your style! My sona’s a hybrid and I’ve wanted to make her in your style for ages but I was waiting for litten and then I forgot… But I just remembered today when I saw the mudbray! Anyway sorry I stole the pose I didn’t quite know how to do posing with your shapes so I kind of stole it. It wasn’t traced though, that takes the fun out of things like this.

I would happily ramble about every aspect about this drawing and what I learnt about your art, but that’d take forever so instead I’m just going to say I absolutely love your style.

Oooh this is neat! Very cool experiment you put yourself through, I dig it! This is lovely and thank you so much, I’m flattered you enjoy my art style so much! UvU

Also since you asked in the tags, the font I use is Linotte Semibold. c: