Is there a chance you'll ever made some f…

Is there a chance you'll ever made some fakemons like male evolutions of combee and salandit or sandstorm and fog form of castform?

I’m not super sure. I have this awful problem where I come up with a lot of ideas in my head of like, fake Pokemon or fake monsters for Monster Hunter but then my brain punches me and tells me to just use any ideas I come up with for my own projects. Maybe that’s monster laundering I dunno XD

I have a few extra guys I wanna throw in when we reach the Gold/Silver demo Pokemon but they usually have a basis somewhere, be it like, other old demos or if they showed up in spin-off material, etc.

I think for things like male evolutions for Combee and Salandit I would probably avoid since it seems very intentional that they’re matriarchal by nature so adding a male evolution I think kind of takes away from their uniqueness– not throwing shade on anyone who has done that though, I’ve seen plenty of good and creative ones but for the sake of my redesigns I don’t see it happening. I think the only one that’s ever bothered me is that like, Gallades can’t be girls because Gardevoirs can be either, but that’s the choice they made. I think my Gallade design is already super androgynous already so I can just head-canon it away I guess. XD