Hi! I know this question is sorta dump but…w…

Hi! I know this question is sorta dump but…where did you get the name for you blog, exactly? It's always just kinda yelled out at me on my dash XD

I wanted to think of a name that could lend itself to a fun mascot character, and I really like turtles XD

Where it originally spawned off was in a really weird in-joke with a friend while I was watching the anime Ergo Proxy. The main character’s name is Re-L and at first it just sounds like a name but when you see it spelt out you realize her name is basically supposed to be “Real”. I compared that to someone’s name being C-T because they lived in a city, and my friend who lived out in the boonies started calling me that. So I used that as influence and the C became Cosmopolitan and the T become Turtle. Its fuckin’ weird I know but thats the origin story I guess. XD

Jokes on her because now I live in the boonies and she lives in the city. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯