i have heard Game Freak is prioritizing new pr…

i have heard Game Freak is prioritizing new projects over Pokemon, the new project involves the Town videogame, good for them but would this mean we will have no Sword & Shield news about new Pokemon until the next year?

I have heard this also– Anything could happen between now and it’s release date but during its initial Direct and on their official website they’ve said their aiming for a late 2019 release so unless they need to delay the game were probably gonna hear about it again. My bets are we’ll get more info at E3 but if not there’s time for more Nintendo Directs. 

Even if Game Freak prioritizes new IPs, Pokemon makes major bank for them and Nintendo so I doubt they’re gonna purposefully hamstring themselves. I’ve looked at the article where they talked about the Town project and they said they have Team 1 focusing on new games and Team 2 focusing on Pokemon. This means that the development of the 2 games are congruent rather than one taking away from the other’s time. 

This is speculation but from what I read it sounds like Team 1 probably has more resources to try out new things which makes sense since they’ve made so many Pokemon games at this point they have a formula down. I think calling every Pokemon game the same is somewhat reductive but it’s easy to see that they have a rhythm for making them now at this point, so it makes sense to me that a new game sprouting from new ideas needs more effort put into it rather then an existing series that has a foundation and a basis on how it should work. 

It might mean it may be longer until we see a Pokemon game after Sword and Shield unless they do a third off shoot of the same generation as they’ve done before, but I wouldn’t be concerned about the development of Sword and Shield until we’re given a reason to be concerned. It isn’t uncommon for games coming out near the end of a year to be pushed back slightly for the beginning of the next year and if they need to that they should honestly– I’d rather a game be delayed and working as intended rather then forced out to meet a release date and be shoddy. Again though I haven’t heard about any development problems with Game Freak so I wouldn’t assume the worst yet. c: