I remember seeing alolan starters final evos l…

I remember seeing alolan starters final evos leaks and i thought that they're for sure fake. And when i saw the trailer like 2-3 months later all i could say was OOOOOOOOO!

I remember that! It felt crazy at first but its what we got and I ended up being really happy with all of them. That’s also when I felt super validated about how I felt about Popplio XD

I remember the Incineroar page having a little doodle of Mallow and Ash so when we saw she was a thing in a later trailer I was fully convinced it was the real deal and it turned out to be so. c:

Some of the “leaks” of the Sword and Shield starter evos have been pretty wild and some I kinda wish could be real but I’m also excited to see what we really get. I’ve had some of my own ideas but I’m more of a redesign guy then a Fakemon guy in terms of what I end up drawing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯