Solgaleo and Lunala Redesigns

Heya everyone! Hope you’re doing as well as can be and hope you enjoyed my take on the Guardians of Alola! c:

Just wanted to give a heads up that I’m going to be doing the Cosmog line a bit differently then most evolutions. Tomorrow I’m going to do Cosmog and Cosmoem together, then next Pokemon day in the daily schedule I’ll do Solgaleo and then Lunala respectively.

If I do it this way I wont be overwhelmed with daily work and also we’ll get a better design overall since I’ll be able to give each flagship Pokemon their own drawing session, rather then trying to squeeze them all in at once.

I think this makes the most sense, quality over quantity and all that stuff. It’s basically what I’ve done for every legendary that has form changes but this time its evolution stages so I don’t think that’s a big deal. 

Thank you all and I hope you have an amazing week!