Came home today to find out that the popular P…

Came home today to find out that the popular Pokemon blog @bulbasaur-propaganda is a racist, homophobic asshole.

I’m never one to start drama but my god, to be this stupid and to post all this this on their main twitter with 65k followers is actually insane.

Even more disappointing is I see tons of people on this site defending them without actually seeing the extent of what has been said. This isn’t just an accidental slip-of-the-tongue, it’s repeated aggression over the course of years.

This of course isn’t a rallying cry to attack them or anyone, just letting the other side of the story be told to the public…also they have been stealing my Bulbasaur GIFs for years and when I confront them they say “oh I got it off google I didn’t know it was yours!” No google is not a source dickhead. don’t support content thieving assholes that is all goodnight.