i will never understand how a single Unova and…

i will never understand how a single Unova and Alola Pokemon has a Gigantamax form (Garbodor and Melmetal) while the rest of the Gigantamaxes are from Kanto and Galar, Kanto favoritism is so out of control, maybe your future Kanto Gigantamax redesigns should have design cues from Gen 2/3/4/5/6/7 and not just things like an "Eevee but furrier and bigger" or "Charizard but bigger with fire horns"

That’s a decent point, I literally only realized now Garbodor and Melmetal were an exception. That’s…very specific. Maybe we’ll get more in the future to rectify that but whooo knoooows. 

My redesigns go all over the place in terms of imagery so don’t count on anything in particular, I guess.