You have a huge commitment to your art. How di…

You have a huge commitment to your art. How did you get into routine with it? And how do you still enjoy it with it being so regular like that? It's amazing and I really super admire you.

Thank you so much! I’m really flattered! UvU

I had the original idea for Hiraeth in college and I used that as a foundation for a fantasy world and a sort of artistic space where anything was allowed. I wanted to keep practicing art after I left school so I ended up making it a daily routine. Posting it online was sort of the unspoken contract with myself that I would keep going, because then it would be a visible space that I had stopped. It also helped remove a lot of my axieties of drawings and writing online.

I do get burnt out now and again but I feel like if I want art to be my part of my life in a true sense I would need to work when I wasn’t feeling motivated and when I was feeling down because in a job sense you need to be able to muscle through those kind obstacles. 

I don’t think its a process for everyone and life itself can be really taxing mentally and phsycially so I definetly understand why someone would get burnt out or just not even bother with it but I’m very thankful I have a good support network of friends and family and also that I just have a weird lizard brain about it now. I do take breaks now and again but I do really love just drawing weird ass creatures so I keep coming back to it. A lot of people have told me that my work isn’t that good or that they only care about one kind of daily drawing and not the others or that its too weird and incomprehensible and they can’t get into it or that my Pokemon redesigns do the normal ones dirty and I think thats perfectly fine. Not everyone has to like the same things and also I’m doing all of this because I want to and not because other people want me to and that’s a really important thing to remember. They can nip at your brain but its very important to do not do things for arbitrary numbers and do things because you have a more solid motivation to do so.