It's not that intelleon is s u p e r bad …

It's not that intelleon is s u p e r bad but. the body proportions kinda weird me out. and i don't like the yaoi hands. also i think it would look better if it wasn't fully bipedal? idk it's not bad and i still picked sobble in my playthrough but. it bothers me.

I think I saw someone on twitter describe all of this gen’s starters as eccentric furry wrestlers and they’re not wrong but also I like them over all still, also describing Intelleon with yaoi hands is really funny to me XD

I like the exaggerated shapes and I think the finger gun attack is really snazzy personally. Theres an element to this gens starters I like where they all sort of become teenage hooligans and then get kind of rowdy or punkish personas on their last stage. I think it feels well thought out and they have really strong character but I get why some people would want something more akin to Gen. 1 or 2 where they’re a bit more beastly.