I love your Sunnee design!! Can you talk about…

I love your Sunnee design!! Can you talk about the concepts behind it a bit, especially how it relates to and differs from your Sunflora?

Thank you so much, I’m very happy you like’ em! 

I guess a big difference in the concept is that Sunnee was supposed to be part Psychic so that played a big part in my design process. When I redesign Psychic pokemon I try to make them look more like aloof oddities; creatures that don’t nessicarily answer to any sort of groundings of reality (I think exemplified best in my Mega Alakazam redesign). A key element to both of them for me was a creature with a “sunny” disposition, so I wanted both of them to look related and sort radiate a playful, friendly energy, Sunnee’s being a bit more literal then Sunlora. 

Sunnee is kind of a more unfurled and otherwordly creature compared to Sunflora, and while Sunflora is designed to be friendly and approachable, I wanted Sunnee to be just mildly unnerving at first, as it sort has this massive, more quadrepedal looking body, a long neck and sort flat face more reminiscent of a mask or a human face. They kind of ended up being a sort of floral sphinx-like creature, kinda sorta. When I say unnerving I don’t really mean scary as much as I mean surprising, or even comfortably eerie– I wanted Sunnee to appear as clearly something more set apart then the usual plant pokemon (kind of akin to how the Forest Spirit in Princess Mononoke is clearly a deer but also clearly not a deer, if that makes any sense) . While Sunflora I imagine can be found by the field-full, Sunnee is something that meditates far away from human activity, but isn’t opposed to greeting them if they stumble upon them.