not sure if you completed SwSh yet, but i gues…

not sure if you completed SwSh yet, but i guess the redesign progression of Galar mons will begin with: the Galarian Forms, then the Gen 1 Gigantamax forms including the single Gen 5 and Gen 7 Gigantamaxes, then the new Pokemon starting with Grookey, all the Gen 8 Gigantamaxes and ending with Eternamax Eternatus, right?.

I have completed the main game yes. 

I’m gonna start with the other gen. Gigantamaxes and then go through Gen. 8 guys as they’re numbered and do their Gigantamaxes after I draw them (Chewtle and Drednaw one day, Gigantamax Drednaw after, etc). 

There’s a block of Galar Pokemon that’s basically just the new regional evolutions (Obstagoon through to Runerigus) and I figured thats when I’ll do the regional guys (basically after Impidimp, starting with Ponyta, Weezing, Darumaka, Stunfisk and then the ones with new evolutions) so regional guys will be incorperated sort of in the latter middle half of the redesigns. 

So we’re starting with Gigantamax Charizard and ending in Eternamax Eternatus.