I really like your take on Rotom, but I'm…

I really like your take on Rotom, but I'm a bit confused. Does it inhabit a toaster, which then transforms into a kettle, or does it inhabit a kettle to begin with? Also, what is frost rotom based off of?

In my dumb brain canon my redesign project takes place in a more fantasy centered universe so I was trying to use non-contempary technology for Rotom to use, so it would just be a kettle to begin with. I figure the electricity part of Rotom doesn’t come so much from the appliances anymore but is the means for them to merge with objects.

To me Rotom seems inspired by Tsukumogami which are inanimate objects which have gained a spirit, the idea being from Japanese folklore that once an object has been around for 100 years, it will jump to life and gain a consciousness. A very common one seen in art and media is Karakasa kozō, which is depicted as an umbrella with a face (usually one eye) with the handle having turned into a leg so it can hop around on it’s own accord. I incorperated this into Frost Rotom because it seems to me in Japanese culture its a lot more common to see people huddling under an umbrella during the winter (both in modern day and old photos as well as in old pieces of art). I’m from Canada where we usually just take the brunt of it in the face daily so I figured an umbrella protecting someone from the snow would be a cute idea, and also a fun excuse to work in a Karakasa kozō to the Pokemon roster. C: