If you had to give the starters secondary typi…

If you had to give the starters secondary typings, what would they be?

I don’t mind them being mono-type but if I had to go off of how they look now– For Rillaboom maybe Grass/Ground type because he’s all about vibrations and shaking the earth and stuff. Then Cinderace could be Fire/Electric type because of all the s p e e d and kinetic energy (I believe we also saw Scorbunny running really fast on a big waterwheel thing when they were introduced so energy creation and such). And then Intelleon could be Water/Flying type because they have those long back fins that make it clearly look like they’re sky diving into the battle so you could incorperate more gliding movements as they attacked and stuff.

I think that way they would get a leg up on their intended weakness kinda sorta, Intelleon would be kinda boned though. I’m sure there could be a better combo of things for balance reasons but that would be my take for their canon designs unaltered. 

You could also do Rillaboom maybe as Grass/Rock type so he can “rock” out (harharhooo) and Cinderace as Fire/Fighting type for the big strong legs and because of course why wouldn’t you.