there is a lack of secondary typings for the n…

there is a lack of secondary typings for the new Pokemon in SwSh, like.. why is Grapplock a pure Fighting-type despite being capable of swimming?, it should have been Fighting/Water, plus the Sinistea line could have been Ghost/Water since it's haunted TEA, Dubwool could have been Steel/Normal because of this thing called Steel wool, etc.

I really like seeing them experiement with typings, like Toxel and Toxtricity were a really good example, but also I don’t nessicarily think they always need to. I actually think Grapploct being pure fighting makes them more interesting just because like, it seems so weird I guess XD They just really love punching.

Sinistea I think is just gooey in nature and I can’t really see Dubwool being steel. I know a lot of people were upset that starters were monotypes also but I don’t see it as too big of a deal honestly (and from how Cinderance looks I assume would of just been Fire/Fighting anyway XD). It probably comes down to balancing issues but I’m not a game designer so I wouldn’t really know.