i think the new Rotom formes (phone, drone and…

i think the new Rotom formes (phone, drone and rotomi) should be redesigned before the Gigantamax Redesigns, i just found out Rotom survived the Galar purge, also one thing… isn't it strange that Rotom doesn't yet have a form based on Television sets or Tellies?, i remember that Rotom used to haunt television sets but didn't take a form based on them.

I was gonna do Rotoms after the Gigantamaxes just cause I think that would be more exciting– kinda like a cool victorious return to the canon games (even though I’m pretty sure it’s only a big deal to me but oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) 

For Rotoms I believe there is the phone, the camera drones, Rotomi and the Rotom Bike. But yeah Rotom came in all Poltergeist at us from a TV originally. I used to think they were a legendary when I first played Platinum but that is clearly not the case XD. 

I kinda feel like Rotom tech is was bigger deal then people in the games play it off as, since like, we’re essentially at the point where we’re just talking to a Pokemon.