Your fantasy pokemon world sounds really inter…

Your fantasy pokemon world sounds really interesting, especially since science and technology has always been such a huge part of the canon pokemon world. It even fits the respective design styles, since the canon designs are often more biological-based while yours have all sorts of fantastical flair!

Yeah while I’m kind of a horrible judge of my own work I feel like my stuff feels more suited to like, folktale and mythological looking stuff and I’m happy that comes across! 

I also figure that conceptualizing it in a fantasy world gives me more freedom to explore more extreme ideas like Pokemon having weapons/armour/clothes or Pokemon incorperating part of their powers into their bodies or appearing as sort of bizzarre mythical figures. I’m all for sci-fi and more grounded fantasy worlds but I’m a big fan of just like, fuck it, lets go full magic, whimsy wishy washy stuff. Some people see that as like, a hand-wave over having rules but I really like fantasy that embraces old fairy tales and allows for their to be some mystery without everything having to be explained. 

That was kinda rambley and probably made no sense but I guess that’s where my head is at when I’m working on this stuff. XD