How did you come about thinking of the Proto R…

How did you come about thinking of the Proto Remoraid + Octillery to be different from your original redesigns? As the main difference to the real ones is that the prototypes were much more directly guns. What themes did you use?

I think my original design was a lot “smarter” while the proto design is a lot “funner” I guess. I would never ever in a million years say that my redesign project is aiming for any kind of realism, but I feel with the original design I was trying to make the trasition between animals a bit clearer– I don’t think they really need to be for the canon Pokemon but that’s what I wanted to do so I made Remoraid more of a cuttlefish while trying to keep the pistol shape so that the larger Octopus shaped Octillery looked more natural.

I feel like even though the proto designs are much more clearly weaponry based I made my redesigns less so because what I got out of it was they were more willing to go over-the-top with them so I tried to make the proto designs a bit goofier then the originals. I was less focused on a “realistic” body transition and more on one that carried over that sort of cartoony, octarok energy so I made Remoraid a trumpet fish and kept Octillary’s original mouth shape and gave them the smaller eyes to try to get across that these one’s are a lot sillier and friendlier then their original counterparts, which could be seen as maybe a bit more feral.