Have you ever played/watched Okami?

Have you ever played/watched Okami?

Oh yes, I played through Okami way back when on the PS2. I dunno where it would fall on a numbered list but it’s definetly up there in my favourite games of all time I’m pretty sure.

I’m huge into world mythology so it played into that super hard– also I think it probably helped developed my fascination with Ukiyo-e which has affected my art style a lot over the years. The art direction is on point and also it’s just a super fun game if you’re looking for an adventure game that has a good story and really tight combat. 

Spicey take but while Wind Waker was incredibly influencial to me and I love it to death still, I think Okami is a better 3D Zelda game then most of the 3D Zelda games. That’s just me though and I get why someone would disagree XD 

I have seen other people and my friends even complain that it’s way too long but when I was growing up I didn’t have like, a million trillion games on Steam, I was perfectly happy it ended like, 4 times and just kinda kept going. Issun is way way too chatty as a Navi-tutuorial-pointing-out-the-obvious character but the rest of the game makes up for it easily. There’s sort of these rare, rounded experiences where a single piece of media gives you everything you could possibley want from it and I feel like Okami is one of those. 

Really hoping in the future Capcom stops being super cowards and just let Kamiya make a god damn sequel already.