Do you remember that time I drew a bunch of we…

Do you remember that time I drew a bunch of weird Prototype Pokemon redesigns that were also kinda Fakemon? I don’t, which is why I went back and finally made them a bit more accessable. 

First of all, they now have a clickable category on my main blog you can check out whenever, along with the Beta Pokemon I’m currently working on now.


Each ProtoPokemon now has source links so you can see the sprites that inspired the design. If that isn’t enough and you want some more infos and datas, you should check out Helix Chamber, where all this information is compiled. It is very fascinating and will make you a big brain boy. 


Underneath the “Keep Reading” link is a bunch of fake garbage I made up to try make the experience more immersive for myself and for people keeping up with my Redesign Project on a deeper level. Since I noticed “Keep Reading”s don’t seem to always work on mobile, I added a fancy dashed line to seperate what’s legit and what’s my babbling so you can freely ignore.

But Cosmo, what was all this dumb stuff?


For my redesign project, my headcanon is that the Pokemon setting is much more fantasy oriented rather than canon Pokemon’s more pseudo sci-fi biological explanations. I do this for my own interests and to justify more abstract designs that I imagine working from something more magical and less biological which the canon series is rooted in (despite there being dragons and fairies and ghosts and stuff). 

I made up this “Mirage World” based off an early Capumon term which was “Mirage Monsters”, which seemed like the original idea for Legendary Pokemon. I thought it sounded whimsy and cool and decided to introduce this place in my redesign project as way to explain where Proto and Beta Pokemon come from. 

The way I did this was mainly to be a cool vague thing and for my own interneal logic but looking from the outside in I understand why it was all incredibley obtuse. While I was reading about the original Capumon Pitch, there were alledgedly names floating around for unmade Capumon like “Firefly”, “Green Dragon” and “Power King”, which is where I got the basis to do three Fakemon to stand in as legendaries as sort of a way for me to experiement with some designs I thought were cool and a way to wrap up Proto Pokemon with something grander like how usual Pokemon Generations end. 

I don’t expect any of this to really make a whole lot of sense and I don’t expect anyone to actually care about the fantasy world setting seriously unless they want to– I just thought I’d try to explain better what my thought process was. 

At the time, I was working very Dashboard minded in terms of just like, get the visuals out without jamming everything up with text but I kind of failed to give the ProtoPokemon any lasting perminence for my main blog, so I’ve gone back now and hopefully made everything a little clearer.

If you wanna check out my main blog and look through the new categories you can and if you have no interest at all and everything I’m saying is nonsense, that’s fine and we can just keep moving on with the Beta boys. Still very much looking forward to Gen. 8!

TL;DR – Proto and Beta Pokemon have their own categories on my main blog with source sprites, check’ em out if you wanna!

Also looking up the tags “prototype pokemon” or “beta pokemon” should work while on my main blog to some extent.