Dude I absolutly LOVE your pokemon art, but so…

Dude I absolutly LOVE your pokemon art, but sometimes is hard to tell what pokemon you draw just by the name, for exemple there's at least 3 beta pokemon redesigns that I have no idea of who they are! If you could put a pic of the original pokemon in the posts it would help a lot

Thank you and I apologize for the confusion. I actually went through and updated all my Proto and Beta Pokemon redesigns which I’m gonna make a post about later.

Basically for Beta redesigns I only realized recently my Masterlist link wasn’t working on Mobile devices so I went back and they should work now.

If you click the Masterlist link now it should go to a infographic that should have all the guys lined up with their names. You still gotta skim through it to put a face with a name but it’s the most convenient and best-looking solution I’ve thought of so far. 

There are individual rips of each sprite I could link but the one’s I’ve found are either way too small or blown out way too big. Some people have made really good recreations of them but I feel like that kinda defeats the point of trying to show you what I’m basing my designs off of since they’ll be colourized and polished based on a different artist’s perceptions. 

I’m pretty positive the links work properly now and hopefully should clear up confusion.