so gamefreak release two dlcs for sword and sh…

so gamefreak release two dlcs for sword and shield, what do you think about it?

I’m down– I’d rather they do DLC expansions then the usual expanded game formula. The new maps being open like the Wild Area I think is a very good step which I hope gets more advanced in a future game.

I’m hoping they add in a few more new Pokemon/Regionals then what they’ve shown but I like what we’ve seen so far. New Regis and Regional Legendaries are hype and thing I never would of expected. I think the Crown Tundra looks a bit more exciting then the Armor Isle to me even though Calyrex is kinda…sorta…strange. I like ‘em but mainly cause they look so goofy. 

I like that we’re still feeling the shockwaves of Skyrim with games transitioning their settings to nordic places/snow-based expansions.