what is with the increasing amount of humanoid…

what is with the increasing amount of humanoid Pokemon nowadays?, it is some sort of marketing strategy?, all the final evos of the Galarian starters are all humanoid, with Cinderace being the most obvious, i feel like these designs appeal to the public nowadays than nonhumanoid monsters, however Charizard is bipedal but not humanoid yet it's still popular.

I find the idea that humanoid starters are more marketable and appealing to the public very very off-base– those are almost always routinely the designs that get the most flack every time.

I know whenever there’s a new Pokemon game everyone shits on all of them because they’re new and whatever, but if you look back it’s usually the humanoid Pokemon that get the most hate– like everyone was reeling from Incineroar.

 Not to mention none of the starter evolutions for Gen. 8 were used in any of the marketing, as far as I’m aware they were only officially revealed after the game was out and selling like crazy. Generally it’s the small cute Pokemon that probably sell the games better so that seems like a very unfounded assumption to me. Making most of them humanoid is more of a risk than anything, and I wouldn’t even count Rillaboom, since they’re gorillas and still move around as a Gorilla would do with the addition of drumming and some cartoonish exaggeration since it is a cartoon babby game.

 I think there’s a clear throughline with the gen. 8 starters since each of their 2nd stages look like kids/teenagers with Raboot having a little hoodie and Drizzile being a rowdy vandal. Each of them become a staple of British media– a rockstar, a soccer player, and a super spy, stuff you could imagine would influence a person growing up in Britain (i.e. James Turner, the art director behind Sword and Shield).

If you search up British drummers you get a hefty list of influential musicians from the western music scene (Phil Collins, Roger Taylor, Ringo Starr, Mick Fleetwood, etc.), Britain is known for its love of Soccer and one of their most prominent media icons is James Bond. 

We’ve talked about the difference between working with a stylized animal and a stylized character before on my blog and I think both have their merits. I don’t think anyone needs to like any specific Pokemon but I think reducing it to some kind of cold marketing decision is somewhat reductive.